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Improvements on Malta Permanent Residency Program

Positive changes have been made to the Malta Permanent Residency Program. The changes made the program even more attractive than before and resulted in an extremely feasible and flexible way to achieve EU Permanent Residency for the whole family.
One of the huge modifications of the program is that the age limit for dependent children has now been eliminated. Children over the age of 18 can be included regardless of their age, providing they are fully dependent on the main applicant. Another positive change is that children will never lose their Permanent Residency status even if after becoming independents due to graduation, marriage or work. Grandparents can also be included.
The investment requirements are:

  • Investment in government bonds at the value of €250,000, refundable after 5 years

  • Government contribution of €30,000

  • Purchase or rent a property. Minimum purchase amount is €270,000 or a minimum rent of €10,000 per year.

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