Cyprus Permanent Residence Program

Cyprus is one of the most affordable countries in Europe for residency through its Permanent Residency program. A property investment of just €300,000 is required.

Quick Facts 

• Investment of €300,000

• Bank deposit required

• Full family residency

• No requirement to reside

• Part of the EU but not the Schengen visa zone

It is possible to purchase two units of property instead of one. The following combinations are available

1.Two houses / flats

2.One house and one shop

3.One house and one office

A guaranteed rent of 5% can be offered on specific properties in addition to providing in-house payment facilities over 5 to 7 years.

Program Benefits:  

  1. The parents and parents in law of the investor can now apply as dependents provided that the investor shows an extra 8.000 euro income for each person.
  2. The students between 18-25 can now obtain a permit that has no expiration date (“Lifetime Residency”) even if they are no longer dependent on the main applicant, have their own income or even if they get married, the permit remains valid. 

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