Portugal Golden Visa Residency

Portugal Golden Visa is a fast track for investors to obtain a fully valid residency permit in Portugal even while residing elsewhere. It is ideal for individuals looking to obtain the freedom of work and live in Europe.   
The simplicity of the program and the high success rate reflects why Portugal Golden Visa is considered the most attractive European residency option.


A property purchase at the value starting from ONLY 280,000 Euros


1. Fast track EU residency, the processing time is 4 to 6 months

2. Inclusion of dependent adult children

3. Inclusion of the main applicant's parents 

4. Inclusion of spouse parents

5. Free access to the public healthcare 

6. Free education

7. Visa Free travel to Europe

8. Physical presence requirement of only 7 days each year
9. Eligibility to apply for the passport end of year 6 without needing to live permanently in Portugal


Portugal is one of Europe’s most attractive and diverse countries with a long history and culture in addition to being:

1. Best EU tax system for retirees and high net worth individuals

2. Very stable, peaceful and safe country

3. A higher standard of living at a low cost

4. High-quality roads, telecoms, and health system (12th best health system worldwide according to the World Health Organization)

5. Best tourism destination

6. Best country in Europe and North America (after cold Sweden) for immigrant integration

7. A highly educated and English speaking population

8. Sunny and warm climate all year round


We provide full professional, personalized & transparent services related to:

Residency application: 
1. Collecting required documents 
2. Bank arrangements
3. Legal advice and powers of attorney
4. Communications with designated embassies 
5. Setting appointment with immigration department
6. Submitting applications at the immigration department

1. Assisting through the property selection process
2. Property management during the years of residency
3. Offering guaranteed return on most investments that could reach to 7%
4. Offering a buyback plan for specific projects at the end of the residency period 

There are other routes that lead to the Portuguese (EU) residency and citizenship. These routes differ in terms of levels of required investment, activity and physical presence. Check Portugal Entrepreneurship Visa and Retirement Visa

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