Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program will allow qualified investors and their family members to apply for citizenship and benefit from the facilitation of visa-free travel. This program was launched in 2003 and offers many benefits in exchange for several requirements that applicants must meet.


To qualify, the applicant needs to invest in real estate at an amount of $220,000 to be maintained for 5 years.
Why CHOOSE Grenada?
  • Fast processing within four months.
  • Inclusion of unmarried children no matter what age they are
  • Inclusion of parents of the main applicant and spouse
  • Inclusion of unmarried siblings of the main applicant and spouse
  • No physical residency requirements.
  • No requirement to travel to Grenada during the application process or after obtaining citizenship.
  • No interview, education or management experience required.
  • Visa-free travel to over 130 countries, including Schengen Europe, the UK, and China
  • E-2 Visa Program signed between Grenada and the United States allows citizens of Grenada to operate a substantial business in the U.S. and reside therein.
  • No tax on worldwide income.
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