Temporary Residency in Greece

A Non-EU National can obtain the European Residency in Greece in many ways other than property investment (Golden Visa).
These types of residencies made Greece one of the most popular EU countries attracting third country citizens wishing to have EU Residency are:
  1. Residency based on stable passive income: 
The Secretary General of the Regional Administration decision allowed a third country national to obtain a two-year residence permit under the condition that the applicant proves a sufficient financial resource of a stable annual income to support personal & family expenditure per year. The applicant can include his/her family members, who will be granted an individual residence permit, which shall expire together with the residence permit of the sponsor.
The sufficient resources must be equal to the minimum amount of €2.000 euros per month. In case the third-country national is accompanied by members of his family (spouse, children), the required amount will increase by 20% for the spouse and by 15% for every child. The requirement of sufficient resources must be met either by each family member or by all family members combined.
The total amount of the resources may be proved by a foreign pension scheme, by bank account statements, title deeds, lease contracts or/and any other evidence that can prove sufficient legally acquired financial means to cover the living expenses during their residence in Greece. Providing salaries or exercising any independent economic activity are not considered to be a proof of sufficient amount. 
  1. Residency based on registering a subsidiary of a foreign company:
If a Non-EU National has a company outside Greece, he/she can register a subsidiary of this company in Greece and obtain Greece EU residency based on the registration of this subsidiary. The company owner can include his family members in the residency.  
Duration & Renewal
The residence permit is valid for two years and it can be renewed for two years each time such renewal is requested, provided that the requirements are continuously met. The residence permit for family members shall expire or be renewed simultaneously with the permit of the sponsor. 
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