Corporate Setup and Tax Advise

Backed with more than 20 years of experience in European legislations and corporate structures in different EU countries, we assist investors to establish their economic activity and achieve the aimed results associated to this business in addition to introducing them to investment opportunities.
Establishing an economic base and business activity in Europe will allow the investor and his family to obtain temporary EU residencies in some countries. Temporary residencies could lead to permanent residencies and eventual citizenship with minimal physical presence obligations to live in Europe.
Starting a business in Europe will give the investor and his family full access to the national health care of the country, education system, and social security in addition to allowing visa free travel to Europe upon obtaining a Schengen resident status.
Another essential advantage is to benefit from an extremely low taxation in some countries where taxes are set at only 5%.
We will assist in setting up your business, introducing investment opportunities, handling your accounts, taxes, open bank accounts and assist in obtaining an EU residency that could eventually lead to EU passport.
The countries that we work in are Portugal, Cyprus, Hungary and Malta.
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